You deserve a fun (and better) job

Ruimbaan is convinced that everybody is able to have fun in his/her job. To be able to perform at your best, you have to be completely happy with your job, the atmosphere at work and your colleagues. That is why we thoroughly check upfront if the intended work and company culture will suit you. That is only possible if we get to know you upfront and if you tell us what you are interested in and what your strengths are.

Be critical

One person will evolve better in a small team, the other is more fond of a larger organisation. Ruimbaan will keep that in mind. If you prefer working at a company that has Corporate Social Responsibility in their high standards, we will bring you in contact with them. The right person in the right spot, that is what is important to us. Therefore we will look closely at your education, potential blank spaces in schooling and experience and the best way on how to fill in those spaces to enhance your market value and opportunities.

For all ages

Society is changing and Ruimbaan is changing along with it. This means among other things that Ruimbaan has many young people (including ‘’starters’’) at work, as well as more experienced employees. We are able to guide people that have been participating in the employment process for over 20 years towards a new and interesting job.

High chance of success

Most of the vacancies that we offer are administrative, medical, industrial or technical. However if you are looking for a position in the commercial, touristic or for example the agriculture sector, do not hesitate to stop by and have a chat. With us you will have all the opportunities in succeeding for fulltime and part time work, for a fixed term contract or an open ended contract.